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Screenshots of our desktop application:

  • Repair CDLC to work in Rocksmith Remastered
  • Add DD, Fix Bass Tuning
  • Pitch Shift songs
  • Setlist Manager
  • Profile Backup
  • Profile Song Lists
  • Song Packs
  • Arrangement Analyzer
  • Mass Rename CDLC
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Disable Songs
  • Backup Songs
  • ...and more
Current Developers

  • cozy1 (Lead Developer)
    Very, very talented developer, co-author of Rocksmith Toolkit from where we've used functionality to get CDLC's information.
  • Lovroman (Developer)
    Another talented co-developer - even though small experience in industry because of ongoing studies he'll be a valuable coder with strong skills
  • Unleashed2k (Project Manager | CF Founder)
    Self-explainatory, c'mon... This guy runs the website having his main goal to help as much people as possible grabbing the guitar and start rocking
  • dark_seph22 (Mac Port)
    Our main guy for testing and porting the Mac Wine version!
Past Developers & Thanks

  • Darjusz
    An extremely passionate developer, very dedicated and helpful
  • dreddfoxx
    Very talented developer who we recently acquired.
  • ForgeOn
    Main tester - provided dozens of dozens of both use cases and ideas, good guy
  • zerkz
    Having limited access to his PC and a lot going on on his plate he came up with the batch renamer functionality, give him much love for that
  • Izzy, ZagatoZee, Attitude, rummhamm87 and all CF staff
    Thanks for your hard work
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